Singer KK’s demise: Doctors state he could have been saved with CPR

The death of Bollywood’s popular singer KK, at only 53 years of age has shaken the industry to the core. Everyone is even more shocked at the nature of his passing.

Even though there is no evidence of foul play, it has been stated that singer KK who died of a cardiac arrest on May 31, 2022, had an underlying heart condition.

As per the post mortem reports, he had reportedly taken antacids, which indicate that he was likely experiencing some symptoms which he assumed to be digestive issues. But in fact, KK was facing pain from heart blockage which he mistook for a heart burn.

As reported by Bollywood Hungama, a medical practitioner spoke to PTI after he completed the post mortem and said, “The vocalist had 80 per cent blockage in the left main coronary artery and small blockages in various other arteries and sub-arteries. None of the blockades was 100 per cent…During Tuesday’s performance, the singer was walking around and at times dancing with the crowd which created excessive excitement that caused a stoppage of blood flow leading to cardiac arrest.”

The doctor then went on to add that if the singer had been administered CPR when he fell unconscious it is possible that he could have been saved. The doctor once again stated that the fact that KK took antacids means that he was in pain which is unfortunately mistook for digestion issues.

On May 31, 2022, KK passed away due to a sudden massive cardiac arrest. He was performing at a concert in Kolkata and complained of chest pains right after the concert.

As per reports, his wife stated that he had also complained of pain in his hands before he flew down to Kolkata for the concert.

His sudden demise has raised several concerns over the safety of performers at concert venues in India. There were videos circulating of KK walking out of the concert hall, when he was in pain.

Questions are being raised on why he wasn’t provided a wheelchair, or why there wasn’t an ambulance already on standby. Importantly, when he complained of pain, the organisers took him to the hotel instead of the hospital.

More than anything else, concerns are raised over overcrowded venues and not enough ventilation as it is reported that the air conditioning in the concert hall was not working properly and KK was apparently very uneasy because of the heat as well.



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