Single Indians looking for creative ways to plan in-person dates

New Delhi, July 24 (IANSlife) Dating in India is choosing different experiences to get to know their online connections on first IRL dates, whether it’s choosing a newly opened restaurant in the neighbourhood to eat out, going to pottery classes together on weekends, or exploring an adventurous date to go hiking together.

As single Indians return to in-person dating, dating App Bumble launched The Date Generator to provide exciting recommendations for memorable, interesting in-person dates in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kolkata.

People can access the Date Generator through the microsite, a unique interactive experience where you share what kind of mood you are in and what suits your dating style for perfect date recommendations, whether it is a romantic meal, an adventurous session at a gaming arcade, a low-key jazz night, or just a quick coffee.

Hey, let’s be adventurous

Have you met someone on a dating app because you share a hobby or a desire for adventure? According to a recent study, 35 percent of Bumble daters in India prefer adventurous dates. Plan an exciting date and engage in some friendly competition with your date while you go-karting, twilight bowling, or try out arcade games, and more a fun session of bouldering, an aerial yoga class, or attempt to cook a delicious meal together!

But, first food

A date planned over a good meal can never go wrong. You can bond over a variety of venues and meals, such as a breakfast date at a local restaurant or some glam-dining at your favourite restaurants in town!

Creativity is contagious, pass it on

According to the recent study, 75 per cent of Indian daters on Bumble have picked up new hobbies and skills during the pandemic, and 30 percent of Indian daters prefer going on a date based on the hobby or skill they have acquired. Why not turn your creative energy into a fun date? Meet your date at a pottery workshop or a paint bar to create a work of art and a memory to share together!

Good Vibes Only

Sit back and enjoy if you want to choose low-key dates. Sip and taste some of the best meads and beers, visit a speakeasy bar that revives the jazz culture, or better yet, go out for a coffee date and enjoy the best of artisanal coffees over deep conversations.

Taking charge of your dates

According to 51 per cent of women polled on the App in India, the level of effort made by their potential match to plan a date is the most important factor when dating. So, what are you holding out for? Take the initiative to arrange a memorable date for you and your connection!

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