Single window clearance for public utilities in Naxal-affected Bastar


The Chhattisgarh government has initiated a single window kiosk to address all issues related to public utilities, from ration cards to Aadhar cards in

Naxal-affected Bastar region, to provide basic services to the villagers.

The state government has organised a three-day camp from Wednesday in Sarkeguda village to facilitate the villagers of nearby villages, including Silger, to get their Aadhar cards and other documents.

To ensure that the villagers do not face any problem in travelling to the camp site, arrangements have been made by the district administration.

The district administration is providing all basic facilities to the villagers at one place through convenience camps in remote villages.

Through this facility, villagers have been facilitated to take benefits of Aadhar card, ration card, Ayushman card, pension registration and other facilities.

Bastar Inspector General of Police, P. Sundararaj said, “The life of tribals (villagers) has changed with the establishment of new camps in the areas. Four bridges are being built along the Indravati river and the number will increase to seven by 2022.”

In the past, a camp was organised in Kankerlanka village to make Aadhar cards, Ayushman cards and ration cards for the villagers.

Villagers of Minpa, Almagunda, Dabbakonta, Duled, Chintagufa participated in the camp for getting pension documents, Aadhar card, Ayushman card, ration card etc.

Through this camp, 900 Aadhar cards, 568 ration cards and 570 Ayushman cards were made. Along with this 138 eligible beneficiaries were registered for pension payment.

The Chhattisgarh government in a statement said facilitation camps will soon be set up in other Naxal-affected areas.