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Sir Elton John ends his final tour in an epic, flamboyant fashion in Sweden

Bringing his Farewell Yellow Brick Tour to an end in Sweden, Sir Elton John dazzled audiences with many classics and various flamboyant outfits as he brought an epic end to what would be his final tour.

The 76-year old legendary singer-songwriter has been on the road since 2018, trotting the globe. On his second night at the Tele2 Arena in Stockholm, ‘The Rocket Man’ singer brought his 330-date run to a close.”

According to The Daily Mail, Wearing a pair of his pink, signature embellished sunglasses, Elton kicked off the final show of his mammoth tour with his hit song Bennie And The Jets and finished it by emotionally telling his fans they would remain in his ‘head, heart and soul’.

Donning various flamboyant outfits, he performed 23 songs as Coldplay frontman Chris Martin also sent a surprise message to thank the musician for all he has done for other artists throughout his career.

Rousing the fans, he said “Good evening Stockholm. Well this is it.This is it. I’m very glad to be in Sweden and this beautiful country… We better make it a good show. Here we go”.

He then proceeded to perform several classics of his discography.

Closing the Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Tour, the singer ended the tour as he proceeded to give out an emotional message to his fans, expressing his gratitude for their love for his music.

As reported by The Daily Mail, thanking his fans he said “You have no idea how much that means to me.”

“Reflecting on his life, he said: ‘I’ve had the most wonderful career, beyond belief. 52 years of pure joy playing music, how lucky am I to play music? But I wouldn’t be sitting here if it wasn’t for you. You bought the singles, albums and CDs and more importantly you bought the tickets to the shows and you know how I love to play live’. It’s been my lifeblood to play for you guys and you’ve been absolutely magnificent – thank you.”

“I will never forget you guys. I’ve played so many concerts, how could I forget? You’re in my head, and my heart and my soul and I thank you so much.”

He confirmed that he will ‘never be touring again’, but revealed he may do a ‘one-off thing’ sometime in the future – adding that would be ‘miles away’.”

“I want to appreciate my family, my sons, my husband, everything. I’ve earned it and I don’t regret it tonight. But I want to say thank you to the band, the crew, everybody… I love you”, he added.



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