SIS India creates Covid Fund for employees


Security and Intelligence Services (SIS) India has created a Covid welfare fund of over Rs 10 crore to assist and provide its employees with a safety net keeping their health and wellness as a key focus during the second wave of the pandemic.

Apart from securing government premises, the SIS facility managers also form the backbone of healthcare establishments by providing an extensive on ground workforce, said a company statement.

SIS has started its employee vaccination drive and is going to touch 50,000 this month. From announcing “Humare Heroes Covid Welfare Fund” of Rs 10 crores to setting up SOS groups in 20 cities for ambulatory services and medical assistance, offering a round-the-clock employee helpline services, SIS is making sure the employees have access to any medical & non-medical assistance during this time of crisis.

The security service provider is offering a compensation of 4 lakhs to the family or next of kin for all unfortunate covid related employee demise, in addition to a job for the next of kin.

Across 20 residential training academies in 14 states in India, SIS has been training their employees using its M-Trainer platform through smartphones.