Saturday, June 22, 2024

Skill gap haunts enterprises in APJ region as they adopt AI solutions: Report

Around 90 per cent of enterprises in the Asia-Pacific and Japan region are prioritising AI solutions to drive data and infrastructure modernisation but are slowed by a generative AI skills gap, a report showed on Thursday.

The top two AI solutions deployed by APJ firms include virtual assistants/customer support bots (50 per cent), as well as a mix of generative AI solutions (52 per cent).

However, when it comes to AI solution implementation, APJ respondents indicate they lack generative AI and prompt engineering skills and they also require more data scientists and data science skills to support their initiatives, according to the report by Nutanix, a leader in hybrid multi-cloud computing.

“While many enterprises have rapidly adopted AI and are reaping the short-term benefits of early adoption, it’s important to remember that AI adoption is a marathon, not a sprint,” said Aaron White, vice president and general manager, APJ Sales, Nutanix.

“As more enterprises adopt AI applications and workloads, we can expect a new wave of IT infrastructure modernization initiatives focused on data mobility, security, and protection,” he added.

Among respondents, data security, data quality, scalability and speed of development were the top considerations related to running their AI workloads.

Additionally, more than 92 per cent of respondents say that security and reliability are important considerations in their AI strategy.

“Organisations are more likely to purchase existing AI models or leverage existing open-source AI models (86 per cent) to build their AI applications than to build their own models (5 per cent).

About 56 per cent of APJ respondents say they plan to improve data movement between cloud, data centre and edge environments. Furthermore, 55 per cent of APJ respondents said they plan to improve data movement between multiple public clouds, the report mentioned.



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