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Sky-rocketing tomato prices continue to burn a hole in common man’s pocket

 Within the realm of essential ingredients for cooking, potato, tomato and onion bear considerable significance. Nevertheless, the recent escalation in vegetable prices has resulted in significant disruptions to the monthly budgets of households in India.

According to recent reports, the price of tomato has skyrocketed from Rs 15 per kg in the first week of May to an astonishing Rs 122 to 200 per kg in various regions across the country.

The wholesalers claim that the price of veggies, including tomato, have doubled in two weeks and their sales have been reduced by 40 per cent.

“People are buying tomato puree in place of the prized vegetable. I am only bringing 5 kg tomato these days as sales are low. Earlier, when the rates were nominal, I used to sell 20 to 25 kg tomato each day,” said Amar, a vegetable vendor in Laxmi Nagar.

According to wholesale dealers, tomato is being sold for Rs 106 per kg on wholesale price, while in retail, it is being sold anywhere between Rs 122 and Rs 135 per kg. At the shopping malls, the price varies from Rs 127 to Rs 175 per kg.

However, in Delhi’s posh CR Park area, the vegetable sellers on carts are selling tomato for a whopping Rs 200 per kg, while the Blinkit app is selling the vegetable at Rs 168 per kg, though it is not always available.

The recent upsurge in price has been attributed to the adverse effects of heavy rainfall on the supply chain. Vegetable vendors and wholesalers are pointing at rains as the primary factor responsible for the disruption in tomato supply, leading to a significant surge in retail prices of this kitchen staple.



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