SL lawmaker files motion seeking study on Ravana

Sri Lanka’s opposition lawmaker has filed a motion in the Parliament seeking an in depth study on Ravana, the mythical demon king referred in the Ramayana – the oldest Sanskrit epic written in the 5th century BCE.

In a private member motion, main opposition – Samagi Jana Balawegaya’s MP Buddhika Pathirana has urged for initiating a systematic study on Ravana, on whom there are no specific historical information.

MP Pathirana has said that a study would help to know about the hidden period of Sri Lanka’s history and such study would enable to find the knowledge that king Ravana possessed.

“… study should be conducted about King Ravana through a panel of experts due to the fact that a study on King Ravana enables to unveil a hidden period of time in Sri Lankan history, and use the knowledge that King Ravana possessed for the uplifting of the country and enhance the attitudes in the country about him, even though specific historical information about him is not available,” the lawmaker stated in the private member motion titled ‘Conducting a systematic study about King Ravana’ which is listed to for the presentation in the House on December 9.

Even though there are many locations related to Ravana in Sri Lanka and also other characters like Seeta in Ramayana, there is no specific study or available historical data.

In the recent past there is an interest in studying about Ravana; and groups and organisations related to Sinhala nationalism has used the name of Ravana to identify themselves.




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