Slovenian parliament confirms new centre-left govt

The Slovenian parliament has confirmed the centre-left government of Prime Minister Robert Golob by 53 votes against 28.

The new 18-member government takes power immediately, replacing the centre-right cabinet of the outgoing prime minister Janez Jansa on Wednesday.

“The incoming government truly wants to work in favour of all citizens and for the benefit of the country,” Golob told the parliament before the vote.

Golob, whose Freedom Movement (FM) party won a landslide victory during the April 24 general election, formed a government coalition with the Social Democrats and the Left. The three parties together hold a majority of 53 out of 90 seats in parliament, Xinhua news agency reported.

He has said that some of the main tasks of his cabinet include battling the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, easing the burden of rising energy costs, improving the public health system, and promoting the rule of law and media freedom.




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