Slugfest breaks out as K’taka police job aspirants break down, fall at Home Min’s feet

The incident of Karnataka Police job aspirants breaking down and falling at the feet of Home Minister Araga Jnanendra at a public function on Tuesday triggered a political slugfest between the ruling BJP and opposition Congress.

Hundreds of aspirants for constable’s posts from north Karnataka had come to meet the minister to demand an an increase of job quotas and speedy recruitment to the posts.

The pictures and videos of young men and women job aspirants falling at the feet of the Home Minister, as they broke down and pleaded with him with both hands went viral on social media.

Opposition Congress charged that when job aspirants came pleading for recruitment, Home Minister Jnanendra showed arrogance and negligence.

“Is this the way to behave with the people? This is the response you give for unemployed youth? This arrogance and abstinence will remain only for a few months,” Congress leaders warned, indicating the next Assembly elections are scheduled to be held within six months.

However, Jnanendra has ruled out charges that he behaved arrogantly with job aspirants. “I have listened to the grievances of the job aspirants patiently and responded positively. Arrogance and obstinacy are the characters of Congress leaders,” he said.




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