Smell of cigarettes makes Armaan Malik ‘feel sick’

Singer Armaan Malik engaged in a Twitter chat with fans on Wednesday. In the course of the conversation, he revealed the smell of cigarettes makes him sick.

Replying to a fan who asked the singer whether he has ever tried smoking, Armaan tweeted: “Nope. I don’t want to also. I cannot bear the smell of cigarettes. It makes me feel sick.”

Armaan also offered quirky replies to various curious questions thrown at him by his fans, whom he calls Armaanians.

Replying to a fan who asked for a suggestion on how to woo ladies, Armaan wrote: “Guitar seekhlo and learn to sing and play O Sanam by Lucky Ali. If you’re sing well and you’re lucky enough kaam hojaayega.”

Another fan asked whether the singer plans to travel to the space, to which Armaan replied: “Not so soon. Maybe after I’m 50 probably.”

“Are you just as romantic as the songs you sing?” quizzed another fan.

To this, Armaan replied: “Yes if I really deeply love someone I can go all out. I don’t hold back.”

“Do you create for yourself or for your fans?” asked a fan.

“Interesting one! It’s a little bit of both. There are certain songs that are more for my creative satisfaction and the others are for my fans. But my fans end up liking almost all of my songs so well I guess I’m lucky,” the singer replied.

Another fan asked for his advice towards aspiring singers, to which Armaan suggested: “Don’t just become a singer. Be an artist. Learn an instrument, learn how to produce music, learn the business inside out. Be self-sufficient.”