Smog Tower near Connaught Place evokes mixed reaction from locals

Amid concerns on the deteriorating air quality, the Delhi government has said that “Smog Tower” installed in several places in the national capital has the capacity to reduce air pollution by 70-80 per cent up to 50 meters, and by 15-20 per cent up to 300 meters.

In fact, the government’s claim has not been backed in toto by the people residing in areas where the smog towers have been installed.

When IANS tried to seek people’s feedback from the people living in the houses close to the Smog Tower that is installed near Connaught Place, even as they submitted that they feel that there has been a reduction in air pollution, questions were also raised on its operation for a limited duration.

Raj Kumar, the president of the RWA Central Government Employees Residential Welfare Committee, told IANS: “I notice that it is not in operation most of the times. I cannot say much on technical grounds how much it is benefiting because I do not know how accurate its figures are on the digital screen above. But when the Smog Tower is on, we see an improvement in the air quality.”

Nidhi, vice-president of RWA, said: “When the smog tower is in operation, the air quality in my area is fine. If I go somewhere else I feel the air quality is getting worse.

“However, before Diwali, I had rarely seen this tower functioning. Also, I remember that last year when stubble burning cases had increased, the air quality in my area was much better than elsewhere. The smog tower was then functioning continuously,” she added.

Another resident, Satendra, said: “We have benefited from the Smog Tower… it operates without making much noise. It does not remain in operation 24 hours though.”

A few days ago, Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai had also inspected the Smog Tower built near Connaught Place last year.

As per the directions of the Supreme Court, the Smog Towers were installed in Delhi last year.

The pilot project of Smog Tower was started in October last year for two years duration. The team of IIT Mumbai and IIT Delhi and DPCC are monitoring it.




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