Actress Sneha Wagh says that there is a need to air TV shows with powerful women characters.

Sneha, who stars in the title role of the heroine-centric show “Jyoti”, said: “Initially I didn’t think of the show in a very different way. I signed it because of the opportunity but as the show went on, I realised how important it is to portray women in powerful characters and share actual everyday stories rather than only showing rich families who are always decked up in good clothes and heavy jewellery. There is a need to air shows where women are powerful. We have a patriarchal society and will continue to be so unless we change that mindset.”

“After doing ‘Jyoti’, I consciously did roles that played a very important part in the story. Even when I was offered to play a mother, I made sure that the character had a very big impact on the protagonist’s life. I think this was my way of telling women that even they are strong and that was my way of giving back to society,” added the actress.

Purnendu Shekhar, writer of the serial, said: “‘Jyoti’ is inspired by a person who was very close to me. She used to tie rakhi to me. So she was like my sister. Her story was waiting to be told, and it was easier to keep the story real as the twists and turns did take place in her life. Most scenes and also dialogues have actually taken place.”

“Jyoti” is having a re-run on Dangal TV.


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