New Delhi, March 22 (IANS) Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan on Sunday said social distancing must be adopted as a habit even after 9 p.m. on Sunday and urged people to not follow the “misinformation” that the Janata Curfew will wash away the coronavirus.

In a tweet, he said some anti-social elements are spreading misinformation that after the Janata Curfew ends on Sunday, the deadly virus will be washed away.

“They’re exhorting people to come outdoors after 9 p.m. This is false and an attempt to mislead the public. Social Distancing must be adopted as a habit,” he said.

The total cases in India as of now has reached 341 including foreigners.

The Centre has announced to shut all metro rails and train services along with inter-state buses till March 31.




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