Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Social media influencers saying ‘Woh Aa Rahe Hain?’ creates a tizzy on Internet

A new trend has managed to capture the attention of users and also big influencers as they took to social media with the intriguing phrase “Woh Aa Rahe Hain,” accompanied by the distinct gesture of swinging a chain around the mouth.

Each video commences with an introduction heralding the arrival of a noteworthy figure. Given the cryptic nature of this phenomenon, it’s hardly surprising that everyone is now collectively echoing the question, “Kaun Aa Raha Hain?”

Top Social Media Influencers like Adarsh Suyal, Shibani Bedi, Sukriti and many more posted similar videos where they are holding a chain in their mouth saying “Woh Aa Rahe Hain”.

As this trend continues to gain momentum, speculation is reaching fever pitch. The social media influencers buzzing on this is building more anticipation to look forward what’s coming our way.

The mystery surrounding “Woh Aa Rahe Hain” has ignited imaginations and curiosity nationwide. Is it a new movie, a music album, or perhaps something completely unexpected?



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