Sohail Khan and Seema divorcing after 24 years of marriage


Seema and Sohail Khan got married in the year 1998. As per latest reports, the couple have decided to end 24 years of marriage and have filed for divorce.

On Friday, May 13, the estranged duo was photographed as they were leaving the Family Court where divorce proceedings take place.

Their divorce may not come as a complete surprise to those who watched the Netflix show, ‘Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives’. Seema was one of the participants of the scripted reality show and she was in the spotlight when the show aired as it was shown that she was living in a separate house.

On the show it was indicated that Seema and Sohail were already living separately. Now it seems like the couple is making their separation official.

They are parents to two children – Nirvaan and Yohan. On the Netflix show, Seema had shared that her son stays more with his dad so she doesn’t get to see him as much as she’d like to.

Seema is a fashion designer and she also owns her fashion store in the city of Mumbai. Back in the 90s, Seema and Sohail were reported to have met each other through mutual friends and at first, they became good friends. However, when love bloomed, it all happened quickly as the pair, fell in love and got married within a year.

Evidently, Seema’s family was hesitant of the match early on but later they came around and approved the marriage.

Before marrying Seema, Sohail Khan was in a serious relationship with Bollywood actor Pooja Bhatt (Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter). The two were reportedly engaged and there were talks of them getting married but both actors wanted to wait a couple more years and in the meanwhile they split up.  


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