Some Brampton councillors want Mayor Patrick Brown gone

Patrick Brown’s political career is seeing turbulent times. A day after his disqualification from the Conservative leadership race, five Brampton city councillors issued a statement  saying his ‘scandalous time inside Brampton City Hall also needs to end’.

In the joint statement issued Wednesday, Deputy Mayor & Councillor Pat Fortini, Deputy Mayor & Councillor Martin Medeiros, Councillors Jeff Bowman, Gurpreet Singh Dhillon and Doug Whillans reacted to the federal news, claiming Brown has what they describe as a “clear and alarming pattern of behaviour.”

“While the Conservative Party of Canada was investigating serious allegations of election fraud that led to his disqualification, a majority group of Brampton Councillors initiated forensic investigations into allegations of financial irregularities, nepotism and possible backroom contract irregularities under Patrick Brown’s failed leadership. This demonstrates a clear and alarming pattern of behaviour,” the statement said.

“The CPC decision comes as no surprise to us. In the past few weeks senior staff informed us that $629,000 in contracts went to a firm that employed one of Brown’s closest political allies and a close friend of his main council enabler, Rowena Santos. Then staff informed us most of the work given to these unqualified people was never even done, despite the taxpayers’ money being handed to them by former staff recruited to City Hall by Brown. Most are no longer here.

“Other contracts were given to people directly tied to Brown or his chief of staff. Senior staff positions and other employment contracts went to glaringly unqualified individuals connected to Brown, many through Conservative political circles,” the statement claimed.

The five who are for his ouster from municipal politics say “democracy in Brampton is under siege because of Patrick Brown”.

On Tuesday, the Chair of the Conservatie Leadership Election Organizing Committee Ian Brodie announced Brown’s disqualification referencing “serious allegations of wrongdoing” by Brown’s campaign.

However Brown told the media that his team hasn’t been made aware of the specific allegations. He denied using Brampton staff for the leadership campaign and claimed he was kicked out in a “politically corrupt” move based on an anonymous allegation backed by supporters of rival Pierre Poilievre.

With trouble brewing at the municipal level as well, it looks Brown may have to plan a career outside of politics.



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