Some Brampton residents can store garbage carts in their front yards

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The City of Brampton on Wednesday amended its Property Standards By-law to allow flexibility for some residents to store waste carts in their front yard.

The change applies to the Region of Peel’s waste carts for garbage, recycling and organic materials, and was introduced in response to space constraints, primarily faced by residents who live in townhouses. The majority of these properties have a single-car driveway and garage, no side yard, and no access to the rear yard other than through the house. On such properties, if the garage is required for car parking, and there is no other available space, residents may be permitted to store waste carts in the front yard adjacent to the building.

For residents in semi-detached and detached homes, there is no change in the by-law. Waste carts must be stored in the garage, side yard between houses, or back yard. Carts are not permitted to be stored in the front yard facing a street.

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The new by-law will be enforced on a complaint-basis. Residents can call 311 or use the Pingstreet app’s “Report a Problem” feature. Upon receiving a complaint, City enforcement officers will visit the property to investigate, educate the residents and follow up with enforcement when necessary.

Regional Councillor Martin Medeiros, Chair of Corporate Services Committee, said:  “We listened to our residents and responded to their concerns with reasonable adjustments to the by-law. The new waste carts are a cleaner and greener way to manage waste disposal and help maintain higher community standards. It is a shared responsibility and in everyone’s interest that we work together to keep up the visual appeal of our neighbourhoods, which is crucial to our city’s image.” – CINEWS

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