Son abandons 80-year-old mother in K’taka temple

An incident of a man abandoning his 80-year-old mother in the premises of a temple after giving her a mobile phone without SIM card has come to light from Koppal district of Karnataka on Thursday.

The abandoned aged woman gives her name as Khasim Bi, and is claiming that she is from Ujjayani village. The authorities are, however, not able to track her family as she is unable to provide any information other than this.

According to police, her son had brought her to the famous Huligemma temple in Huligi village in Koppal two days ago. He had given her a basic mobile set and asked her to wait for his call. He had also given her a sheet of paper where he had claimed to have written his mobile phone number.

Devotees noticed the elderly woman sitting all alone without being taken care of on Wednesday night. They gave her food and a blanket. When they checked her mobile, it was found that her son had given handset without a SIM card.

It also came to light that he had given an empty sheet of paper telling her that it contained his mobile number. The devotees then contacted the Senior Citizens Helpline with the help of police.

National Senior Citizens Helpline Zonal officer Muttanna Gudneppanavar and his staff arrived at the spot and took the elderly woman to an old age home. The Munirabad police facilitated her shifting to the shelter. Further investigation is on.




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