The Bengaluru police arrested five persons including wife and son of the deceased, who was murdered last month, the police said.

According to the police, the arrested are identified as Sarwari Begum, SahifiUr Rahman and Aftab, Mohammed Saif and Syed Hafez.

The police said that the 52-year-old Mohammed Hanjal, was murdered at his house after he was given food laced with six sleeping tablets by his wife, Sarwari Begum and their son Shafi Ur Rahman, who are aged 42 years and 20 years respectively.

The police added that both wife and son hired a professional criminal gang of three – Aftab, Mohammed Saif and Syed Hafez – by paying them Rs 4.5 lakh supari (contract killing) amount.

The police added that while the deceased was in deep sleep due to the effect of sleeping tablets, both Begum and Rahman along with three others smothered him to death using a pillow.

“To cover this murder, Begum made a hue and cry on February 10, stating that her husband died due to cardiac arrest. Unsuspecting relatives buried him as per their religious belief, but suspicion started once Rahman often started meeting other three accused persons regularly and several saw him giving them money. This led to suspicion among their own relatives, one of the relative wrote an anonymous letter to the police station and investigation revealed unpleasant design behind the murder,” the police explained.

The police added that based on anonymous letters, the police gathered technical evidence against Begum and Rahamn, by putting their mobile phone on a tracker. “Once we gathered information and coordination points, these two meeting the criminal gang, we picked them both and when we questioned Begum and Rahman spilled the beans,” the police explained.

The police added that it was apparent that Hanjal too used to draw sadistic pleasure by beating his wife and regularly quarrelling with her. “Both son and wife were fed up with this behaviour and decided to get rid of him by giving supari,” the police said.

The police added that Aftab is a notorius element as he has been booked for attempt to murder cases in Tumkuru police station limis besides several other petty cases against him in Bengaluru.

The police has registered a case and is investigating.