Sonal Sehgal’s ‘Manny’ bags 4 awards at Miami Science Fiction Film fest

Sonal Sehgal’s Indo-Latvian sci-fi thriller “Manny” has bagged four awards at Miami International Science Fiction Film festival.

The film has been directed by Latvian filmmaker Dace Puce and written and produced by Sehgal. The film won the award for the Best Sci Fi Picture Runner Up as well as the Best Cinematography, which was given to Gatis Grinbergs. The Best Background Score was won by Naresh Kamath and the Best Supporting Actor award was won by Tony Hawkins.

Talking about bagging the award, Kamath says: “The pandemic forced us to work in novel ways. Throughout working on the film, director Dace and I interacted online. I have scored films before but never like this, not having the director in the studio with me. It worked I guess.”

The ceremony was held virtually and Sehgal almost missed it. “I missed the award ceremony because I miscalculated the time difference and literally slept through it! I thought it was a day later and then I woke up to texts and a few missed calls from the Festival Director Troy Bernier telling me that we had won several awards. I thought I was still dreaming,” she says.

Meanwhile, “Manny” also won the Best Film at the European Cinematography Awards.