Sonam Kapoor’s father-in-law, Harish Ahuja, duped out of Rs. 27 crores


According to latest news reports, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’s father-in-law, Harish Ahuja’s export company has been duped out of Rs. 27 crores.

This news broke when the Faridabad police busted a gang of cybercriminals. This group was considered highly sophisticated and they were duping Ahuja’s Faridabad Firm, Shahi Export Factory. What they did was, they misappropriated the ROSCTL (Rebate and Central Taxes and Levies) licenses of this firm.

So far, according to reports, 10 arrests have been made in this case.

To the unversed the ROSCTL licenses are similar to digital coupons, in this case, worth several lakh rupees. These coupons are given to export organisations as incentives and these firms can, at a later date, encash the license which will provide them some rebate in excise and custom duties.

According to the report filed by the police, the accused gang had managed to secure nearly 155 ROSCTL licenses, worth almost Rs. 27 crores, originally intended for Ahuja’s Shahi Export Factory. They then transferred these licenses to fake companies and encashed them.

When talking about the case, the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Faridabad, said that among those accused there were former employees and clerks of the Directorate General of Foreign Trade, which means these men would know all the technicalities and the loopholes in the system.

The 10 members accused in this case were arrested were arrested from various parts of India like Chennai, Delhi, Pune, Karnataka and other states.

Actress Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’s husband, Anand Ahuja is also a director of his father’ s company Shahi Export Factory, which was duped.


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