Soni Razdan: Can’t understand why 16-40 age group not getting vaccine first


Veteran actress Soni Razdan on Wednesday tweeted that people belonging to the age group of 16 to 40 should get vaccinated for Covid-19 first, because they are the ones going out for work and other purposes.

“When it’s really the 16 to 40 age group that’s ‘socialising’ going out to work, bars, nightclubs etc (the last 2 without masks mostly) just can’t understand why they aren’t getting the vaccine first @uddhavthackeray @AUThackeray,” Razdan wrote.

Her tweet comes at a time when senior citizens in India are being given the vaccine on priority.

Earlier this week, Razdan tweeted sharing her thoughts on the coronavirus.

“I’m getting the feeling we are never going to be rid of this thing. We somehow need to manage to live with it without it overwhelming our lives. Even after the vaccine it’s going to mutate. I’m told to a milder version like flu. I sincerely hope so,” she wrote.