Son’s dog makes mother ‘uneasy’; court orders couple to vacate parents’ house

A Delhi court has asked a man and his wife to vacate his parents’ house after considering a plea in which the mother alleged that her son has brought a dog to stay in her house, without her consent.

“He (son) was using this dog to make the complainant (mother) uncomfortable and uneasy in her own house. She has developed breathing problems and her son keeps instigating the dog to attack her. Thus, the complainant filed a petition under the PWDV Act (Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005) to debar the respondent from the premises,” the plea mentioned.

Additional Sessions Judge Arul Verma ordered the respondent (couple) to vacate the premises of the house situated at Sarita Vihar within a week.

“Parents are stated to be suffering from various ailments, and the stress caused by the respondent son is only adding to their woes. Ironically, the bone of contention was also the dog ‘Luv’. The mother expressed that she suffers from respiratory ailments and probably the presence of the dog was unnerving for her. Some people are dog lovers while some may have an aversion, and even abhor their very presence. In this context, the intrusion of the dog in the prayer room or the kitchen may very well be disconcerting to the mother,” the judge said in the order.

Further, the respondent (couple) is hereby restrained in toto from entering or staying in the premises… subject of course to acquiescence to his ingress thereto by his parents, said the order.




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