Sonu Nigam is the voice of reason in the language debate: “Let’s not divide the country further”


A week or two ago Kiccha Sudeep and Ajay Devgn had a small debate on Twitter as to which language should be the national language which Kiccha saying it should be Tamil and Ajay Devgn claiming that it should be Hindi.

While the two actors have amicably resolved their differences and moved on, the nation at large is unsettled and the language debate has become the hot trend on social media.

Several celebrities have also weighed in on this matter and recently at the FICCI Flo event, singer Sonu Nigam was asked about his views on the matter.

Responding to the question and bringing in a much needed voice of reason, Sonu said, “Let’s not divide the people and country further.”

Speaking on the matter, Sonu added, “First I don’t think that it is written anywhere in the constitution of India that Hindi is our national language. As far as I know and the experts I asked, nowhere is it written. But Hindi is the most spoken language. Having said that, are we aware that Tamil is the world’s oldest language, there is a debate between Sanskrit and Tamil. Now, do we face fewer issues with other countries that we want to raise issues within our own country? Why do this? Why have these discussions? Why make enemies within your own country by classification? Let people speak in whichever language they want, let them chill.

The singer further added, “Our courts pass judgment in English, in flights the air hostess speaks English, and they do not speak Hindi. English has become part of our culture; we need to accept this. Let’s not divide people in this country; there are already enough issues to deal with, we don’t need more.”

Here is the video of Sonu Nigam’s response:

For those not aware, this whole debate sparked off when south actor Kiccha Sudeep tweeted saying “Hindi is no longer the national language of India.” Responding to him Bollywood actor, Ajay Devgn said, “My brother, if according to you Hindi is not our national language, then why do you release your movies by dubbing them in Hindi? Hindi was, is and always will be our mother tongue and national language. Jan Gan Man.”

Soon after Kiccha Sudeep responded to Devgn’s tweet and clarified his point and Ajay Devgn too responded to him saying there was a misunderstanding and they both resolved it amicably.

However, what the two celebrities spoke about has become a national debate and hopefully Sonu Nigam’s wise words on the matter will bring this debate to its much-needed closure.


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