Sooraj Barjatya chuffed with his sister’s business venture that builds sense of community


Filmmaker Sooraj R. Barjatya is proud of his sister Chanda Barjatya Surana for developing an app that makes help accessible within interest groups and builds a sense of community.

Proud of his sister, Sooraj said, “Our father used to always say that we should always help others and never hurt anyone. So here we are, following that tradition. Chanda has successfully built a pure and clean help culture app in a space where one can be safe to meet anyone in the world over the past three years despite lockdown and pandemic. The tagline itself says ‘a group of people who are happy to give and receive'”.

“I am very proud of this venture of hers and wish her all the best and hope many more such people come together to help each other. I think it is the greatest form of Seva and Satkarma,” he enthuses.

Senior actor Anupam Kher added, “Only Chanda could have come up with this amazing app because Chanda herself is this helpful, charming, vivacious, easily reachable and communicative person. She put her personality into an app and called it TellaTina! And that’s what it’s about, it’s a group of communicative, helpful and charming people.”

“When I was in New York, Chanda told me to use the app and that it would help, and it did. When I felt like having Indian food, like khichdi or something traditional, I just put up a question on this app and so many people came to help! So congratulations, Chanda, on this amazing, aatmanirbhar (self-reliant) Indian app! You do the best things in the best manner,” he further said.



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