South Korean Dramas are conquering global audiences. Here’s why?


South Korean Dramas, colloquially dubbed K-Dramas, K-Pop, K-cuisine and K-culture is going viral. In the last few years the Korean Entertainment Industry has made a huge impact not just in Asian countries but the world over.

It’s hard to be under 20 years old anywhere in the world and not know ‘BTS‘. The wildly popular K-Pop band has become a global sensation, even making speeches and performing at the UN (which they did in September last year).

Likewise, Korean cinema found a global audience with ‘Parasite’, a Korean movie that captured the heart of Academy Awards in 2019 by winning the Best Picture.

Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’ is another example of a Korean web series that found a global audience and raked up Netflix’ top spot globally within days of its release.

So why is South Korea so wildly popular these days?

The big pull is that Korean entertainment content caters to a very large audience of all sensibilities as there is very little sex or nudity. K-dramas thrive on romance, the sweet, heart fluttering kind that global cinemas have forgotten about in the last few decades.

The drama and thrillers are fast paced and well written which keep the viewers hooked without the distractions of sex. They manage to portray gritty, grimy, serious crime thrillers without making it vulgar.

Thanks to the popularity of K-dramas, people the world over are also setting out to South Korea the tourist destination. In a report published in ‘The Korea Herald’ more than fifty percent of the tourists that visited South Korea, came only after watching K-dramas. Their culture, the ‘Hanbok’ (traditional Korean attire), and the cuisine is finding favour among people the world over.  

Korean beauty products have been popular for a while, but thanks to the growing popularity of K-drama and movies, Korean fashion is also being sought after. Romantic K-dramas like ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay’, ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim’, ‘My First First Love’, are trending as must-watch on OTT platforms. The pandemic is another contributor to the popularity of Korean dramas and movies. With people stuck at home, they ventured out to watch content from other countries.

Koreans dub this growing popularity as the “Hallyu Wave”, which means global popularity of South Korean music, movies, drama and culture. This was a term coined in the 90s itself but it looks like the Hallyu Wave is now taking over the world completely.


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