SP MP’s bizarre statement on ‘aasmani aafat’


In a bizarre statement, Samajwadi Party MP from Moradabad, S.T. Hasan has stated that the devastation caused by recent cyclones and the Covid-19 pandemic was a result of ‘aasmani aafat’ (divine intervention) against the injustice being meted out to Muslims.

The Moradabad MP kicked up a row when he said on Wednesday that “such injustice to Muslims has resulted in devastation that has descended from the skies in the form of cyclones and poor people have died in pandemic.”

Hasan further attacked the state’s BJP government for what is described as a “total failure” to provide the people of the state with an opportunity to perform the last rites of those who died of Covid-19.

“Has anyone ever seen dead bodies of human beings being abandoned and dogs feeding on them? Where else in the world are bodies thrown in rivers instead of being cremated? Cremation grounds facing shortage of wood for funeral pyres? What kind of government do we have?” he asked.

On drawing a link between government decisions and natural calamities, Hasan said: “We Indians are a very religious lot and strongly believe that some supernatural being exists which controls the world and imparts justice.”

Reacting to Hasan’s remarks, Uttar Pradesh’s Minister for Minority Affairs, Mohsin Raza described the MP’s approach as similar to that of the Islamic State (IS) terror group.

“It is more than clear from his statements that people like him do not have faith in the Constitution of the country. They want Samajwadi Party to form the government and introduce Sharia law thereafter. Their language is identical to the IS. Such people only believe in Sharia law.

“The problem of Hasan and Samajwadi Party leaders is that Holi is being celebrated in a big way in Barsana and for them, CAA being introduced is injustice and so is abrogation of Article 370 in Kashmir,” Raza added.