Speaker allows BJP MLA to attend next Delhi assembly session

Delhi Assembly Speaker Ram Niwas Goel on Friday retracted his order suspending BJP MLA Om Praksh Sharma from the next assembly session.

The development came moments before the Delhi Assembly was adjourned till the next session when the Leader of Opposition and BJP MLA Ramveer Singh Bidhuri requested the Speaker to allow Om Prakash Sharma to attend the next assembly session.

“BJP MLA has been suspended from the assembly for the next session, which is a harsh decision against an elected representative. I would request you to please take back your decision and allow him to attend the assembly session whenever it resumes the next time,” Bidhuri said while requesting the Speaker to take back his decision.

In reply, Speaker Ram Niwas Goel said, “His (Om Prakash Sharma) behaviour was unruly and he disrupted the proceedings of the house which prompted me to take such a decision against him. However, as you have requested, I would allow him to attend the next assembly session,” Goel said.

However, Goel warned that if such an act was repeated he (Om Prakash Sharma) may have to face a harsher decision.

“I would request you (Bidhuri ) to make him understand about the value of an assembly. I am allowing him to attend next assembly session only on your request,” Goel said.

The Speaker had suspended Om Prakash Sharma from the assembly session during the day for his derogatory remarks and disrupting the proceedings of the House.