Bhopal, March 14 (IANS) Madhya Pradesh Assembly Speaker Narmada Prasad Prajapati while accepting the resignations of six former ministers on Saturday upbraided them for a conduct “unbecoming of legislators”.

“I have accepted the resignation of Imarati Devi, Tulsi Silawat, Govind Singh Rajput, Mahendra Singh Sisodiya, Pradyumn Singh Tomar and Prabhuram Chaudhari,” the Prajapti told reporter.Earlier, the Governor removed the six MLAs from the ministry on the advice of the Chief Minister Kamal Nath on Friday. With this, the strength of the House went down to 222 and the majority mark becomes 112.

“I had given them time to appear in person on Friday and Saturday after their resignation came in. But they did not turn up on both days. Their acts aired in electronic media amount to unbecoming of legislators,” he said.

It was obligatory on my part to examine whether they had resigned on their own volition or under duress under the parliamentary procedures laid down in the constitution.

The Speaker had called the six to meet him personally for verification of the resignations. Since they have not reported to him so far their resignations have been accepted.

The strength of the House is now reduced from 228 to 222. The Congress strength in the House will now be reduced to 108 and with the support of four independents and two BSP and one SP MLAs the Congress still has a majority in the House while the BJP with 107 will have to wait to get there.

Experts consider it to be a masterstroke as it would send a strong message to the MLAs who have grossly underestimating the gravity of the matter. The fence sitters who still don’t wish to all the way by joining the BJP may be losing their membership and indirectly be benefiting the BJP earn the majority at their expense.

Prajapati had sent notices to rebel MLAs to appear before him by March 15. Earlier, Prajapati called all 22 MLAs on three different dates. Now these MLAs can meet him till 5 p.m. on March 15.

However, some members feel the government could postpone the floor test if all MLAs do not appear before the Speaker. The government can also move the Supreme Court. According to the rule, all legislators are required to appear before the Speaker.

On Saturday, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Govind Singh issued a whip for all the Congress member who have been inaccessible to attend the Congress legislature party meeting.

He had on Friday requested the Speaker to get a detailed inquiry conducted into the resignations of the 19 MLAs. He said that the MLAs should asked under what circumstances they resigned. If they were not voluntary, they should be cancelled.

The 19 Congress MLAs held captive at a resort in Bengaluru had sent their resignations to the speaker through BJP MLA Bhupendra Singh. Three more had resigned later.

Six of the MLAs were expected to reach Bhopal on Friday after the assembly speaker issued a notice, but they kept the Speaker waiting all day. The second batch of seven MLAs was to reach on Saturday BJP President JP Nadda went to meet the MLAs in Bengaluru.

The MLAs are in touch with Nadda. On March 12, Kamal Nath government minister Jeetu Patwari also reached Bengaluru to meet the legislators, but they were not allowed to meet them.

On March 12, Kamal Nath government minister Jeetu Patwari also reached Bengaluru to meet the legislators, but they were not allowed to meet them.




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