Special arrangements for Durga immersions by Kolkata Police


Keeping the Covid-19 and security protocols in mind, the Kolkata Police and the Kolkata Municipal Corporation have made major arrangements for the immersion of Durga idols in the scheduled 24 ghats of the city.

According to a directive issued by the state Home Department, Kolkata’s 3,000 Durga idols can be immersed between Friday and October 18 in the 24 ghats, majorly at Babughat, Sarbamongala and Ahiritola.

The civic body has also taken measures to restrict pollution during the immersion.

It created an artificial pool beside the ghats and water will be sprayed on the idols so that the mud and other substances do not pollute the river water.

Arrangements have also been made to carry the structures to the dumping ground immediately. Other substances like flowers will also be collected and dumped in a separate place.

“Considering the Covid situation, all the organisers have been asked to come to the ghats directly from the pandals. There will be no procession or display of idols during or before the immersion. The organisers have been asked to adhere to the Covid restrictions. Only three persons will be allowed to enter the ghat,” a senior police officer said.

“All the ghats will be taken care of by an officer at the rank of Deputy Commissioner. The roads leading to the Hooghly River will be manned by senior level officers. Watch towers have been constructed beside the ghats to keep a strict vigil on the activities during the immersion. We will also use drones to keep a watch on the people during the immersion,” he added.

Kolkata Police has also asked the River Traffic Police and the Disaster Management Department to be prepared for any kind of eventualities.