Specially abled AIIMS staff helping patients in testing times


Santdev Chauhan is an employee in AIIMS for the last 25 years and is working day and night to help the poor during this pandemic. He is facilitating the treatment of the people coming to AIIMS from far flung areas.

Santdev is running a community kitchen, feeding about fifty people daily and also helps people in lodging.

While talking to IANS, he said, “I am working in AIIMS for many years but it is now that I get satisfaction when I help people who are in distress, sometimes financially also. I have also donated my one year’s salary to PM-Cares fund.”

Santdev hails from Mau in UP. He said that he got the passion for social service from his grandfather. Santdev is the head of AIIMS Disabled Employees Federation which has around 2,000 members including some doctors, nurses and other staff.

When asked about his experience, he said that he has helped hundreds of people and today also I have paid for a patient’s tests. He is also helping the specially abled community to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

The country is facing tough times during the pandemic and many people are running away from their responsibilities and some are indulging in illegal activities like black marketing and other means to make money. In this situation, a person like Santdev is a hope for the society.

Santdev says most of the people who are coming to AIIMS are from poor background and they are in distress because of the load in the hospital and his small help provides them solace. He said that he sometimes arranges free lodging facility for those who are not from well-to-do families, in the neighbourhood.

The Federation also pools resources for such people.