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Speed limits on the 400 series highways may increase

The Ford government is looking at ways to get people moving quicker across the province. This week Ontario Transportation Minister Jeff Yurek announced the province is planning to review speed limits on the 400 series highways.

Yurek wouldn’t get into specifics on just how high the province is considering raising the speed limits too but said more details on the province-wide consultation and pilot project will be released soon.

The new legislation will also see tougher fines for people who drive too slowly in the passing lane, as well as speeders in construction zones or near tow trucks.

A province-wide consultation will also be conducted on the rules of the road for bicycles, e-bikes and e-scooters.

The government is also proposing to allow solo motorcycle riders to use Ontario’s high occupancy vehicle lanes.

Yurek said the province plans to eliminate a requirement for owners of pick-up trucks and trailers to get them inspected if they are for personal use. It will also allow vehicle dealers to apply online for permits, plates and validation stickers on behalf of customers, instead of them having to line up at Service Ontario. -CINEWS

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