SpiceJet flight makes emergency landing at Hyderabad airport

A SpiceJet flight made an emergency landing at Hyderabad airport after smoke was detected in the cabin.

Officials said that the flight from Goa made a safe landing at the airport and passengers disembarked through an emergency exit.

Aviation regulator DGCA has initiated a probe into the incident which took place on Wednesday night. “The plane landed safely and passengers disembarked through the emergency exit. One passenger sustained minor scratches on the feet while disembarking from the aircraft,” a DGCA official said.

A Spicejet spokesperson said that the Q400 aircraft operating from Goa to Hyderabad landed safely at its destination after smoke was observed in the cabin during its descent, and passengers were safely embarked.

“We were returning to Hyderabad from Goa.. suddenly there was smoke all around inside the plane starting from Nagpur to Hyderabad…It took 20 minutes from there and we all the passengers suffered and blacked out with fear. Luckily we landed alive and safely… But what if something happens and who would be responsible, this happened clearly due to the negligence of the crew and respective department,” said passenger Srikanth Mulupala on Twitter.




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