‘Spoke with folded hands’: Bihar Minister defends Nitish on Speaker spat

A day after the spat between Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Assembly Speaker Vijay Sinha, state Parliamentary Affairs Minister Vijay Kumar Chaudhary came in defence of the former, saying that he was talking about the Assembly rulebook.

“The Chief Minister has not used any non-parliamentary language… He made his points before the Speaker with folded hands,” Chaudhary said.

Following his remarks, RJD leaders, who came in the Vidhan Sabha wearing black ribbons on their hands, objected to the “wrongful statement”.

RJD’s Bhai Virendra said that the entire country has seen the approach of the Chief Minister towards the Speaker, noting Nitish Kumar pointed his finger at the Speaker’s Chair and said that the house would not run like this. “Nitish Kumar said that the Speaker has violated the rulebook of Vidhan Sabha. The act of Nitish Kumar was condemnable. He should apologise for it,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Speaker refused to come to the Assembly on Tuesday and some of the BJP’s MLAs were enquiring about him, though they were not vocal against the Chief Minister openly.

However, many BJP leaders are angry against Nitish Kumar and JD-U, and claimed that if the party’s central leadership will not come out strongly on this issue, the prestige of BJP legislators will be completely destroyed in the state, and whatever political ground they have gained will be washed out.

BJP Minister Ram Surat Rai, however, said that the central leadership of the party is aware of the ongoing situation in Bihar and will soon take decision on it.




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