Squid Game creator on Season 2: “Humanity is going to be tested through games once again”


Squid Game’ was one of the highest rated shows on Netflix ever. The 2021, Korean dystopian drama created waves globally and also won many accolades the world over for its gritty story line and intense and thrilling drama.

The creator of the show Hwang Dong-hyuk teased the idea of the second season in the way that he ended the first season. Following its global popularity, it was soon confirmed as well that a second season will be in the offing.

Now as per reports Hwang Dong-hyuk is hard at work to create the second season and it looks like he is ready to share an update with the millions of fans of the show across the globe.

In an interaction with Vanity Fair, he was asked what details about Season 2 he could share with fans and followers and he said, “Humanity is going to be put to a test through those games once again.”

Seems like an obvious thing though, as the first season became a global sensation within days of its release on streamer giant Netflix.

For the unversed, ‘Squid Game’ is based on a ‘do-or-die’, ‘Hunger Games’ like competition which pulls in desperate common people who have amassed copious amounts of debt and sign on to play this game because of the promise of a grand prize at the end.

However, when they first sign on, they are not aware that the consequence of being eliminated literally means that they will die. Despite knowing that failure equals death, the participants continue and the resultant drama that ensues makes for a thrilling and gripping watch.

The series was praised widely for exploring the theme of the dangers of unchecked capitalism, the widespread oppression of the working class in a capitalistic economy and a gruesome portrayal of the rat race and uber competitive society we all live in.

Speaking about the second season, creator Hwang said, “I want to ask the question in the second season, ‘Is true solidarity between humans possible?’”

The original season was all about fighting it out alone so it looks like in Season 2, there is a bit of a departure. A clever move, because the same theme as Season 1, might become repetitive.

Season one’s main cast members included, Lee Jung-jae, Park Hae-soo, Wi Ha-joon, O Yeong-su, HoYeon Jung, Anupam Tripathi, Heo Sung-tae, and Kim Joo-ryoung.

The character Seong Gi-hun, played by Lee Jung-jae was the protagonist of the show who goes on to win the deadly game.

In the last sequence of the first season, he is shown ditching a flight he was taking to go see his estranged daughter when he receives a phone call and it looked like he was abandoning a reunion with his daughter to go and seek revenge on the masterminds of ‘Squid Game’.


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