Srabanti Chatterjee on new film: Important to be happy with each other regardless of age


Age is just a number and that is absolutely true when it comes to true love. The movie ‘Ajob Premer Golpo’ echoes the same sentiment. Directed by Raja Chanda, the film features Srabanti Chatterjee and Bonny Sengupta.

It is a light-hearted rom-com and entails the story of a young boy Dipto (Bonny Sengupta) falling in love with an older woman Sulagna (Srabanti Chatterjee). The story interestingly unveils their love story and how they overcome all the problems related to the age difference.

Speaking about the concept of ‘Ajob Premer Golpo’ and her character in the movie, actress Srabanti Chatterjee said: “In the movie, I’m essaying the role of Sulagna. She is a sweet, lively, helpful girl who lives with her mother. She has struggled in her life, but the hardship did not let her morale down.”

The 34-year-old actress who is known for movies like ‘Sesh Sangbad’, ‘Shikari’ and ‘Jio Pagla’, adds further: “When we were first reading the script together, we found it very interesting. I have seen many couples in my family where the wife is older than the husband and they are very happy. It is important to be happy with each other regardless of the age. This movie gives the message that age does not matter until two people are happy with each other. I’m sure viewers will enjoy watching this movie.”

‘Ajob Premer Golpo’ will be out on August 22 on Zee Bangla Cinema.