Sri Lankan protesters to hand back President’s house, other occupied buildings

Sri Lanka’s anti-government protesters have decided to hand back the President’s house and other public buildings which they have been occupying.

The protesters, who had occupied the entrance to the President’s office and the Galle face green for more than three months, took over President’s house, President’s office and Prime Minister’s official residence Temple Trees on July 9.

On Wednesday, they also took over Prime Minister’s office despite standoff with police in which more than 40 people injured.

Amidst tense situation, a curfew was imposed in Colombo from 12 noon on Thursday to 5 a.m (Friday).

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, who fled crisis-hit country in early hours of Wednesday, is yet to announce his resignation. This has led to a constitutional deadlock as new President cannot be appointed without the resignation of incumbent President.

Media reports stated that he departed from the Maldives for Singapore from where he is expected to announce his resignation.

Earlier, he said he will leave on July 13.




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