State GST team raids 71 districts of UP, 72 places in Noida

The state GST department has taken action in various places in Uttar Pradesh including Noida on the complaint of loss of revenue by tax evasion. Simultaneous raids are being conducted in 71 districts of the state. 72 places have been raided in Noida.

Raids are being conducted at various shops, including scrap, hotels, furniture shops. Lakhs of rupees have been recovered in these raids, along with documents and other items.

According to the information received, these firms were being continuously monitored through the GST portal. There were also indications of bogus billing.

After receiving information, the GST teams started conducting raids on Monday afternoon. The process is underway in Sector-9, 10, Phase-2, Dankaur and Shahberi in Noida.

There are big furniture firms at these places in Noida, including shops where second hand furniture is bought and sold on a large scale.

The local police has also been involved in the action.

In November, a joint team of the GST and Income Tax Department took action against United Exim Export Company located in Sector-68, Noida. Rs 60 Lakh was recovered in cash in the raid and a fine of Rs 4.6 crore was imposed on the company.




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