States’ outstanding dues towards discoms fall to Rs 1,13,269 cr

Recovery of outstanding dues of power generation and transmission companies from states have come down from Rs 1,37,949 crore in June to Rs 1,13,269 crore now.

This has been possible due to the implementation of Electricity (LPS and Related Matters) Rules, 2022.

Official sources said that the dues of states towards generation and transmission companies have come down with timely payment of just four EMIs.

For payment of EMI of Rs 24,680 crore, five states have taken loan of Rs 16,812 crore from PFC and REC and eight states have opted to make their own arrangement, sources said.

Distribution companies are also paying their current dues in time to avoid regulations under the rule. They have paid almost Rs 1,68,000 crore of current dues in the last five months.

It is expected that strict implementation of LPS Rules will bring back financial viability of the power sector in the country and would attract investment to ensure reliable 24×7 electricity to the consumers, official sources said.




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