‘Step Up’ director says show has socially relevant, engaging stories

Dawn Wilkinson, who has partly directed the third season of drama series ‘Step Up’, has shared that the show features stories which are socially relevant but at the same time, they are very entertaining and engage the audience on an emotional plane.

Commenting on the storyline of the show Dawn, who has directed five of the season’s ten episodes said: “I love the way the characters are written, and Holly (showrunner) has created storylines where there are parallels between the characters. The stories are socially relevant but still entertaining and that engages an audience; makes them want to watch and makes them feel for the characters.”

Based on the cult film, ‘Step Up’, this series follows the drama, scandalous romance, and rivalries told through the intersection of the worlds of music and dance within a highly sought-after performance empire.

“I’ve always felt like that is the best way of storytelling. You want the audience to be on the journey with the characters; to have empathy for the situations they are in. That’s the best we can do as storytellers – create that empathy and communicate a world that may not be familiar and make it something that people can relate to and understand,” the director added.

Centred on Sage Odom played by singer-songwriter Ne-Yo, the other cast of the show includes Christina Milian, Keiynan Lonsdale, Terrence Green, Eric Graise, Jade Chynoweth, Carlito Olivero, Kendra Oyesanya, Faizon Love, Tricia Helfer, Terayle Hill, Rebbi Rosie and Enrique Murciano.

Created by Holly Sorensen, the show will stream in India, on Lionsgate Play from December 30, 2022.




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