Stories of unsung heroes now in comic strips

The Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT) and Folk and Tribal Art and Culture Institute (FTACI) of Uttar Pradesh are converting stories of unsung heroes of the freedom struggle into comic strips.

Audio visual presentation and short stories will also be made available through its district digital repository scheme.

A workshop to train research scholars for preparing the material for the project with the help of lecturers, writers and historians was held in Lucknow earlier this week.

Vice-president, CCRT, Dibakar Das said researchers will visit various places in the state, document oral history and collect evidence on unsung heroes, events, traditions, archives, monuments, folk art and culture.

Thereafter, the researchers will prepare write-ups based on their findings and send them to FTACI.

“It will be followed by scrutiny of the write-ups by an expert panel constituted by CCRT. Every write-up will have to mention the source of information and should not be plagiarised,” he said.




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