Stray dog menace: Kerala Minister to hold high-level meeting on Monday

Kerala’s Local Self-Government Minister, M.B. Rajesh will hold a high-level meeting on Monday to take urgent measures against the stray dog menace in the state.

The state is witnessing spiralling stray dog attacks and the anti-rabies vaccine have found ineffective in some cases. The minister will be meeting top officials to find a solution to the issue.

While there is a 2001 law that prevents killing of stray dogs, the government has an option for animal birth control and inoculation of stray dogs which is a limited option.

It also wants to prevent any vigilante action against the stray dogs by the irritated locals as many cases of rabies-related deaths have been reported from various areas of the state. Four cases of rabies-related deaths due to suspected vaccine failure are also on the agenda for Monday’s meeting.

The state Health Department has already withdrawn one batch of anti-rabies vaccines from circulation and commenced an internal audit on the efficacy of cold chain storage facilities that protect the vaccine’s potency.

Talking to media persons at Kannur, Rajesh said: “There is a special drive to curb the stray dog menace and we need the support of voluntary organisations, local bodies, and animal rescue groups in this.”

The state has already proposed a license for pet dogs, and the Local Bodies Department has also taken measures to remove the garbage that has piled up in many areas of the state.

Stray dog menace and the attacks of a pack of stray dogs on walkers, cyclists, and school-going children have been circulating in the social media accounts of Kerala giving the government a big headache.

Rajesh also said that Animal Birth Control (ABC) centres will be opened in 152 local bodies of the state, in a bid to reduce the stray dog population in an incremental manner.




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