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Street racing increases 100 percent in Mississauga


At Mississauga’s third COVID-19 virtual town hall on Tuesday, May 5, where residents had the opportunity to ask Mayor Bonnie Crombie, health officials and Peel Regional Police their questions and voice their concerns, it was clear that there is a hundred percent increase in street racing
Peel Regional Police Chief Nishan Duraiappah said during the town hall that with decreased traffic, drivers’ behaviours can change and “more liberties” are taken.
“We have seen almost a 100 per cent increase in street racing offences, which by law is 50 kilometres over the speed limit or more,” he said.
Overall collisions are down on roadways in Mississauga and Brampton as well as the number of tickets being issued, he said.
Peel Public Health is strongly considering using cellphone apps as a tool to help in COVID-19 contact tracing.
The apps, which can allow public health and government officials to track the location of the phone and users, have been deployed around the world to help locate individuals who may have been in contact with COVID-19.
And another issue on the minds of concerned residents had to do with a tax rebate of some kind from Mississauga, however that isn’t something being actively considered.
A town hall caller asked Crombie whether the city would follow the example of Clarington, in east of Toronto which has given its residents a property tax rebate. The Clarington council passed a resolution at an April 14 meeting to “cancel, reduce or refund” 50 per cent of the city’s portion of taxes during the COVID-19 state of emergency for taxpayers who lost their jobs or had their businesses shut down due to measures to contain the virus.
The relief money would be for individuals whose taxes had “become unduly burdensome” and capped at $2 million in total across the city.
Crombie did not rule out a rebate but pointed out that Clarington was a smaller municipality and Mississauga has implemented a number of measures to provide relief for residents while still funding essential services with “no revenue.”
All cities and towns across the country are struggling with their budgets given that their revenue streams have dried up or been reduced to a trickle.

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