Students join protesting farmers at Ghazipur

In a show of solidarity, scores of students from Delhi University and other private colleges, on Wednesday joined the farmers protesting against the Centre’s three farm laws, at the Ghazipur border.

Sahil, a DU student, told IANS: “We are with the farmers as this privatisation culture is not only hurting the farmers, but also becoming a matter of policy for this government.”

He further added that the privatisation has been the root cause of all the economic hardships faced by the people.

Another DU student, Shreya Singh, said that privatisation has been implemented in every sector of our economy which is not at all good for the country, adding that even the farming sector has not been spared from this reckless privatisation.

Another student, Adrika Deogharia, said, “Due to privatisation and commercialisation, everything has now been going into the hands of corporate giants.”