Successful Noida twin tower demolition sends cheer among Edifice Engineering personnel

Nearly eight months of hard work by personnel of the demolition team was successful as the Rs 800 crore plush Supertech twin towers in Noida came down in copybook style at 2.30 p.m. on Sunday

The employees of Mumbai-based Edifice Engineering, which partnered with South Africa-based Jet Demolition for the operation, heaved a sigh of relief after the demolition.

The twin towers illegally constructed in a span of nine years were completely demolished in only nine seconds. After the successful completion of this demolition exercise, there was a wave of happiness among the employees of Edifice Engineering.

Hundreds of employees of the company were working hard for this day since last eight months. Apart from the locals, the employees associated with the blast also celebrated this day.

Vinay Singh, an assistant working with employee Chetan Dutta, who pressed the explosion button for the demolition of the building, told IANS that the operation was completed successfully. He said that their months of hard work have attained success.

Edifice Engineering was working continuously for several months to demolish the Twin Towers. The state administration had chosen August 28 as the day of demolishing the twin towers. Nearly Rs 17 crore has been spent in this entire operation, which will be paid by the builder.

The demolition of the twin towers was captured by people on their mobile phones. Sprinklers and smoke guns were used to reduce the effect of dust generated by the demolition of the building. Several dumpers had also been stationed near the demolished twin towers to carry away the debris of the demolished building.

No loss of property or life has been reported during the demolition exercise. However, the boundary wall measuring around 12 metre of the ATS tower built nearby the Supertech twin towers was badly damaged.

Dust has accumulated from the debris left behind by the demolished twin towers surrounding the Emerald Code and ATS tower.

After the demolition, Edifice Engineering team conducted an inspection to check whether other buildings were damaged.




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