Suchitra Krishnamoorthi: Silly to not allow everybody to be vaccinated

Actress Suchitra Krishnamoorthi on Tuesday raised concern over Covid-19 vaccines being given to Indian citizens on the basis of their age. She feels, everybody willing to be vaccinated should be allotted a slot.

“It’s silly to not allow everybody to be vaccinated & have age & comorbidity restrictions. Everybody willing to be vaccinated & follow procedure shld be allotted a slot. Only way to prevent #Covid_19 from spreading further & creating a herd immunity,” Suchitra tweeted.

In a separate tweet the actress alleged that people who are following the protocol are getting delayed while waiting for their turn, especially in Maharashtra.

“So many r doing jugaad, breaking the queue & getting #Covid_19 vaccine anyways. Even showing it off on social media. Its only the honest willing to follow protocol who are bng left behind. #Maharashtra needs to speed up immunizatn procesd asap,” she wrote.

Suchitra had recently raised her voice against India exporting vaccines to other countries when a huge amount of population is yet to get the jab.

“GOI we want the #COVIDVaccine ! Why is so much being sent abroad when so many #indians in #india await their turn to be vaccinated?” the actress had tweeted last month.