Sudan condemns Houthi’s attacks on UAE, Saudi Arabia


Sudan has condemned the attacks launched by the Houthi group against the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia.

“Sudan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemns, in the strongest terms, the attacks committed by the Houthi group on Monday by firing ballistic missiles in the UAE and Saudi Arabia,” Sudan’s Foreign Ministry said on Monday in a statement.

The Ministry reiterated the firm position of the Sudanese government and people in standing with the UAE and Saudi Arabia in the face of all forms of aggression targeting their security and stability, the statement said.

On Monday, Yemen’s Houthi group carried out new attacks with ballistic missiles and drones against targets in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, Xinhua news agency reported.

The UAE Defence Ministry announced the interception of two ballistic missiles fired by the Houthi group towards its territories.

Meanwhile, the Saudi-led coalition said in a statement that it intercepted another missile fired by the Houthi group towards Saudi Arabia’s southern Asir province.



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