Sudan voices self-restraint amid mounting border crisis with Ethiopia

The Sudanese government has expressed commitment to restraint and non-escalation amid the mounting crises between Sudan and Ethiopia.

The crisis between the two countries was sparked after Sudan accused Ethiopia of killing its soldiers on the joint eastern border, which Ethiopia denied, Xinhua news agency reported.

“Sudan exercises self-restraint to prevent escalation with Ethiopia,” Sudan’s Foreign Ministry said, official SUNA news agency reported.

“Ethiopian forces entered Sudanese territory, kidnapped seven Sudanese soldiers and a civilian, executed them, and displayed their bodies in public,” SUNA quoted Dafalla Al-Haj Ali, Sudan’s Foreign Ministry Undersecretary, as saying.

What Ethiopia had done did not comply with international conventions and norms and the nature of the relationship between the two countries, he added.

Meanwhile, local Sudanese media reported that Sudanese acting Foreign Minister Ali Al-Sadiq said the UN Security Council has adopted Sudan’s complaint against Ethiopia submitted on Tuesday as an official document.

The Ethiopian Army on Tuesday reportedly denied the accusations, saying it was ready to work with its Sudanese counterpart to investigate the incident.

Since September 2020, the Sudan-Ethiopia border has been witnessing rising tensions and deadly skirmishes between the two sides.

Sudan has accused the Ethiopian military of backing the farmers’ seizure of Sudanese lands in the disputed Fashaga district on the border of the two neighbours.




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