Sudhanshu Pandey lends his voice to audio book ‘Shraapit’

Sudhanshu Pandey needs no introduction. The TV actor famous for his ‘Anupama’ character has lent his voice to the audible book ‘Shraapit’ conceived and directed by RJ Mantra.

He said: “My first experience of doing an audio book was fantastic. I am so glad I’ve given my voice in an audio book. I am very happy and it’s a proud moment for me. I think my voice has a baritone which helps me express. A good voice always has the advantage of good expressions and I am lucky with that.”

He added that podcasts are being made in good numbers, Sudhanshu said: “This is my beginning in the audio industry and I hope to do a lot more work because I had a wonderful experience. Podcast has definitely got a very big future. I think the only prep I did was to get a briefing from Mantra who’s the producer and the director of the show. After understanding it properly, we started recording it. It took me almost 2-2 1/2 hours to complete it.”

Sudhanshu also shares his experience on working with popular RJ Mantra.

He added: “Mantra is a very dear friend of mine. We have also acted in a series together and he is very talented and skilled. It’s the best scenario when you get to work with your friends, work happens effortlessly.”

On being asked about the success of his show and character in ‘Anupama’ he said: “The character has many layers and human side too. Audiences are loving it. I am blessed to be part of this show. Rajan Shahi has made a fantastic show which has clicked with audiences for its content.”




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